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Willpower Institute

Saturday 6 February 2010, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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The main objective of the Willpower Institute is to promote "World Peace".

Conflict is a path to the destruction of personal peace.
Conflict is a path to the destruction of family peace.
Conflict is a path to the destruction of world peace.
Conflict is due to an insufficient level of mind power.
Conflict arises from disagreement in personal matters that intensifies into greater disagreement of community and world matters.

With a sufficient level of mind power to control one’s mind, conflict can be reduced. Therefore, mind power is essential. A simple and effective technique for developing mind power is essential for achieving personal and world peace.

The Willpower Institute offers a systematic method of meditation that is very successful for building mind power.

The use of the system of meditation is comparable to an automobile that is power driven. Without power, the automobile is immobile. When powered, the automobile requires a mechanism to brake, reduce speed and control the automobile. Without the power to brake, the automobile is dangerous. If the brake is "in a state of readiness", dangers are reduced. The mind is similar to the power of the automobile. When the mind is out of control, the mind is dangerous. When the mind is controlled, harm is reduced. Sufficient mind power can control the mind. Therefore, the manifestation of mind power through meditation is vital to personal peace and ultimately "World Peace".

For a number of years the Willpower Institute has been offering systematic meditation instruction that is universal. The method of instruction, which, combines a theoretical and practical component, allows people of every age, gender and religion to meditate with ease. The Institute realizes that people of every race and religion are responsible for this world.

The Willpower Institute-Bangkok
Address: Sukumvit Road 101Bangkok
Phone: (662)311-3903
Website: www.willpowerinstitute.com

The Willpower Institute-Canada
Address: Alberta12520-135 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5l 3X3
Phone: (780) 451-9535

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