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Thursday 28 January 2010

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Welcome on the new Buddhachannel.


Until now, this site on the internet was a window that you could watch. Now Buddhachannel opens a universe where everyone can become an actor, journalist, photographer, videographer, poet. You can open an account to become a writer, translator, to send pictures or offer lessons.

Our world will change if it is not only directed by large financial groups, but balanced by friends on the way to a more authentic, a planet where human beings takes its place, a world with values of empathy , love and sharing. Create this universe run by friends of the heart and mind.

Learn to defuse violence, purify our mind and heart together. This millennium will be one that offers less suffering beings. The dissolution of suffering, is not what Buddha taught?

In love and mindfulness

Josiane Delaporte-Digard for Buddhachannel.tv

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