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木曜日 2010年1月14日, によって Alain Delaporte-Digard

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Become a correspondent Buddhachannel.
in english ou in japanese

You can become Buddhachannel corresponding to your country.
- to upload information Buddhists, calendar, events
- to present buddhism in Japan

Buddhachannel is an open space for all, your communication space.
The principle activities on Buddhachannel is based on giving, generosity and sharing the Dharma.

Use this website as a communication network of the Buddhist community in the world.

Submit your application on info@buddhachannel.tv

With love

Want to put your skills to the community Buddhachannel?
return this form to info@buddhachannel.tv "

Name: ..... 

Age: ..... 

Occupation: ..... 

Country: ..... City: 


Possibly .... 
School of Dharma / Buddhist center / institute / association membership: ...
Spiritual Masters: ... 

E-mail: ..... 

Tel. : ..... 

In your opinion, what is the function of a correspondent Buddhachannel?
What motivates your approach today?

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