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The Shaman, the Snow and the Rock Crystal

Wednesday 13 January 2010

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When you walk under a shower of snow,
you breathe the energy of the crystal light
and it enters you with your breathing

When a snow showers, are billions of crystals of a perfect hexagonal shape that arise and coalesce together. This hexagonal structure is that of rock crystal, which is why shamans say that energy is an affinity between snow and rock crystal, whatever its colour. The crystal structure is included in the material, even if you do not see a microscope reveals. The shamans say that the crystal condenses all the light. This is one reason why they put a rock crystal in water to drink; they vitalize with and they stimulate the third eye by putting a rock crystal white or purple (amethyst) on their foreheads to the location of their sinuses.

When you walk under a shower of snow, you breathe the energy of the crystal light and it enters you with your breathing. Shamans use various ways of snow and fallen depending on the amount they just walk barefoot in it or they become bare to lie in it. It is not necessary to do so long. You’ll notice that the snow melts on contact with your skin. You do not have time to get cold, rub your body with a handful of snow stimulates and activates your defences against the cold. It is also a way to cleanse your aura of negativity various residues clinging above: psychic reading, they appear as patches of black.

Shamans have another use for the snow, they use it to revitalize and clean their rock crystals. They arise in a large glass container, more if they have a lot and they cover them with fresh snow. The rock crystals remain in the container covered by their snow until it melts. Collect snow, put it in bottles for its qualities in relation to the crystal. Later this year, you might use the water it is not advisable to drink without boiling.

Source : how-and-why-flowers-are-protecting-you

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