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Tuesday 14 September 2010

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A mystical perception of the wheat spiritual nature that transcends it death and be reborn from its grain. A powerful symbol of life

November is the month of the year when the light fades, so this dark period of the year has always been devoted to the dead. The great fear of live, die and become dust.

Different rituals conjure this journey from darkness to the epiphany that enshrines the invincible Sun, the victory of Light over darkness of the night whose symbol is the ear of wheat.


This great fear of a final death there were already more than 5000 years. Wheat and mystery of life was honoured by the Sumerians of ancient Babylon. They said that the wheat had a soul that protected the deceased during his journey from hell. A loaf of wheat accompanied the death was not just that he has enough to eat, or he gives to eat to replace him.

This cake sprouted wheat baked by the sun was under immortality. The soul of the deceased through the underworld must not fall asleep and forget the light. Those who eat the food of the dead can come back among the living. In your food bowl today there are very few live plants, that is to say, the seeds sprouted, fruits and vegetables crudity.

The Egyptians also called him and all the temples had their wheat field devoted to Osiris. This wheat was used to make bread which he received in the presence of the god Osiris. This bread was eaten and shared ritual the god was ingested by the participants in this ritual. In ancient Greece, the cultivation of wheat, symbol of eternal life was taught by the Great Goddess Demeter and her mysteries at Eleusis.

On the island of Corfu is still the custom of wheat grass sown in November in a container that will remain on the kitchen table or that of the dining room. This wheat will germinate and grow: the wheat will purify the atmosphere and the negative ion load. The ancients said that the goddess was present in the wheat, a blessing for the whole house and a powerful symbol of life. At the root of these beliefs, there is a mystical perception of the wheat spiritual nature that transcends it death and be reborn from its grain. In the countryside, seven ears of green corn are always braided it a guarantee of happiness to emerge unscathed from the winter.

To understand how Germinated Wheat Fresh (GWF) of three days acts (beyond three days is no longer the same food), you must eat a teaspoon for seven days ... the result is a prodigy Vitality: the experience that validates its effect. The protein value of a teaspoon of GWF is equivalent to that given by 100 gr of meat. The other advantage is moderating your food bowl; eating less is also good for the planet. The GWF feeds you full. It is a living food that is more powerful than any other industrially obtained. The GWF will have no pollution accumulates negative; it is 100% positive that no plans had time to fix. Greed is intended to stimulate the craving.


For the nutritional qualities of GWF see
For an adult, one teaspoon in the morning, you chew your wheat long until a texture swallowed chewing gum with a little water. For children three to five grains enough, its taste is slightly sweet and they do not refuse.
To get your wheat sprouted, place in a container a teaspoon of your wheat grain.
The first day will cover water your corn.
The second day you drain. The third day you eat after rinsing.
It’s very simple to do a little every day ... even trip.

- Flora Desondes

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