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29 juin 2016

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Dhammapada - (Dhp 10) - Dandavagga : The Rod

Thursday 20 May 2010, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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(Dhp 10) - Dandavagga : The Rod

translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu © 1997–2009


tremble at the rod,
are fearful of death.
Drawing the parallel to
neither kill nor get others to kill.
tremble at the rod,
hold their life dear.
Drawing the parallel to
neither kill nor get others to kill.


Whoever takes a rod
to harm living beings desiring ease,
when he himself is looking for ease,
will meet with no ease after death.
Whoever doesn’t take a rod
to harm living beings desiring ease,
when he himself is looking for ease,
will meet with ease after death.


Speak harshly to no one,
or the words will be thrown
right back at you.
Contentious talk is painful,
for you get struck by rods in return.


If, like a flattened metal pot
you don’t resound,
you’ve attained an Unbinding;
in you there’s found
no contention.


As a cowherd with a rod
drives cows to the field,
so aging & death
drive the life
of living beings.


When doing evil deeds,
the fool is oblivious.
The dullard
is tormented
by his own deeds,
as if burned by a fire.
Whoever, with a rod,
harasses an innocent man, unarmed,
quickly falls into any of ten things:
harsh pains, devastation, a broken body, grave illness,
mental derangement, trouble with the government,
violent slander, relatives lost, property dissolved,
houses burned down.
At the break-up of the body
this one with no discernment,
reappears in


Neither nakedness nor matted hair
nor mud nor the refusal of food
nor sleeping on the bare ground
nor dust & dirt nor squatting austerities
cleanses the mortal
who’s not gone beyond doubt.
If, though adorned, one lives in tune
with the chaste life
— calmed, tamed, & assured —
having put down the rod toward all beings,
he’s a contemplative
a brahman
a monk.


Who in the world
is a man constrained by conscience,
who awakens to censure
like a fine stallion to the whip?


Like a fine stallion
struck with a whip,
be ardent & chastened.
Through conviction
virtue, persistence,
concentration, judgment,
consummate in knowledge & conduct,
you’ll abandon this not-insignificant pain.


Irrigators guide the water.
Fletchers shape the arrow shaft.
Carpenters shape the wood.
Those of good practices control

Provenance: ©1997 Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
Transcribed from a file provided by the translator.
This Access to Insight edition is ©1997–2009 John T. Bullitt.
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  • and (3) you include the full text of this license in any copies or derivatives of this work.
    Otherwise, all rights reserved.


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