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Christianity in India

About 2.5% of India’s population are Christians. Christianity arrived in India almost about the same period as it arrived in Europe, meaning about 2000 years ago. Christianity originates in Israel. The first Christians were Jews and in the beginning Christianity was seen as a Jewish cult.

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Yongju, Where the Essence of Buddhism, Confucianism Blend

The Pusoksa Temple in Yongju of South Korea, the oldest wooden building in the country, is familiar with every Korean who finished High school.

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Mount Wutai: a sacred place of buddhism recognized as UNESCO’s world heritage.

As the list of the new sites added to the UNESCO’s world heritage list was released, let’s discover the Mount Wutai, one of the new sites on the list, which is a sacred place for buddhists.

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Peaceful Places — Looking for peace and quiet

It’s rare to hear nothing, particularly when travelling. We hear the steady hum of jet engines, the clackety-clack of train tracks, the chatter of bustling markets, the honks of cars on busy streets, the cries of gulls on beaches ...

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Four sacred buddhist mountains in China

There are good numbers of mountains in China known as sacred buddhist places, among which four are the most famous: Pu Tuo Shan of the east, Wu Tai Shan of the north, Emei Shan of the west and Jiu Hua Shan of the south.

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Putuo Shan: a paradise of Buddha in the middle of the sea

Locates in an island of Shan Dong province of China, the holy mountain Putuo Shan and its temples are sacred to the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, a goddess of compassion.

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Wu Tai Shan: a holy place of buddhism unity

the center of chinese buddhism for over 2000 years, Wu tai shan, one of four sacred buddhist mountaines in china, is specially sacred to Manjushri

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China’s Putuoshan island offers serenity and a rich Buddhist heritage

With its mountain scenery and seascapes the island of Putuoshan is like something straight from the pages of a book on Chinese myths and legends, as this scene illustrates.

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Mogao Caves - China

The Mogao Caves (aka Mogao Grottoes, Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, or Caves of Dunhuang) are a system of Buddhist cave temples near the city of Dunhuang in Gansu province. They were a center of culture on the Silk Road from the 4th to the 14th centuries and contain a religious artworks spanning that entire period.

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Burma - Aglow in Buddha’s embrace

Holiest of Burma, Mingun Paya, Patodawgyi...as Burma slowly opens up to the world, its spectacular, sacred monuments are on show, writes Steve Tauschke

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