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India — Jahangira: The forgotten temple

In Sultanganj, a small market town on the southern bank of the Ganga in India, lies one of northern India’s most remarkable temples—Jahangira.

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Buddhism in China

Chinese Buddhism refers collectively to the various schools of Buddhism that have flourished in China since ancient times. These schools integrated the ideas of Confucianism, Taoism and other indigenous philosophical systems so that what was initially a foreign religion (the Buddha Dharma) came to be a natural part of Chinese civilisation albeit with its own unique character.

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China - Jietai Temple

Jietai Temple is situated 35km (22 miles) west of Beijing and only 8km (5 miles) from Tanzhe Temple. Jietaisi, or temple of the ordination altar, takes the name from its famous Ming marble ordination altar. Built 1,300 years ago, this altar is nearly 5 meters high and is decorated with delicate and exquisite carvings.

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Sikhism in India

About 2% of India’s population are Sikhs. Even so, the Sikhs, because of their unique appearance sometimes stand for India. Traditionally the men keep their hair and do not shave their beard or moustache. They gather their head hair in a turban.

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An ancient town in Laos grapples with modernity

As the sky grows light along the Mekong River here, it is no longer the quiet footfalls of Buddhist monks that herald the day but the jostling and chattering of hundreds of tourists who have come to watch them on their morning rounds.

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Religions in India

India known as the land of spirituality and philosophy, was the birthplace of some religions, which even exist today in the world.

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Buddhist Tours – 7 Places You Should Visit on Buddha Trail

There are around 16 Buddhist pilgrimage sites, among which 4 deserve a special mention for their religious importance. Embarking on Buddhist tours will make you have an idea of the origin and growth of the religion in the country.

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History of Thailand

The history of Thailand begins with the migration of the Thais from their ancestral home in southern China into mainland southeast Asia around the 10th century AD. Prior to this, Mon, Khmer and Malay kingdoms ruled the region. The Thais established their own states starting with Sukhothai and then Ayutthaya kingdom ...

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Myanmar - Golden Rock atop Mt Kyaiktiyo - Holding on by a hair

Yangon, Myanmar — Getting to Myanmar’s Buddhist attraction, the Golden Rock, is no stroll in the park as it involves a five-hour drive from Yangon. But the journey by bus is pleasant enough as we take in scenes of white egrets catching frogs in green rice fields with golden stupas in the distance and mountains further yonder.

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World Heritage: Mt Wutai - China

Mt Wutai, China — It’s a rare honour to visit central China, a living storehouse of Sung Dynasty Buddhist architecture, and so upon hearing that we would be visiting China’s “Holy of Holies”, the sacred Mt Wutai (or Wutaishan), I felt humbled at being so privileged.

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