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Jiu Hua Shan: the past and the present

Center of buddhism in the southen part of China, Jiu Hua Shan’s temples are mainly in honour of Ksitigarbha, the gardien of the earth.

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Buddhism in Bangkok, Thailand.

Today, we are going to visit one of the most buddhist town in Asia, Bangkok (Thailand). Sometimes called "The Big Chilli", this town is considered to be one of the world’s tourist hotspots.

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Thai Floating Market

Ratchaburi Floating Market which is located about 110km from Bangkok is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand.

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Following the Buddhist trail

I hadn’t ever travelled in a large group in a package-tour sort of arrangement before - I love travelling by myself because then you can do the things you want to and take your time about it.

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A One Day Trek to Taktsang Monastery in the Happiest Place in the World, Bhutan

Bhutan, also known as the land of the Thunder dragon, is a mixture of adventure, religious devotion, and pure serenity offered by the vivid nature that surrounds 74% of the entire Himalayan Kingdom.

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Auroville - A universal city in the making in South India

Auroville is a place in south India where, for 40 years now, an increasing number of people from all over the world have been quietly and painstakingly working on the construction of a new township, a new way of living, a new way of being. Something is being attempted here for the benefit of all.

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History of Bhutan

The name, Bhutan, appears to derive from the ancient Indian term, Bhotanta, which means the end of the land of the Bhots. Bhot was the Sanskrit term for Tibetans; thus, Bhutan could mean the end of the land of Tibet.

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The Silk Road — Part 1/2

On the eastern and western sides of the continent, the civilisations of China and the West developed. The western end of the trade route appears to have developed earlier than the eastern end, principally because of the development of the the empires in the west, and the easier terrain of Persia and Syria ...

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Borobudur at the crossroads

The best time to visit Borobudur Temple is at dawn. That is when Central Java’s magnificent World Heritage monument is enveloped in cool mist and peace.
That is when you will be able to climb the ancient stones in near solitude and be rewarded with a view of the candi’s rotund stupas ...

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The Baphuon is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia. It is located in Angkor Thom, northwest of the Bayon. Built in the mid-11th century, it is a three-tiered temple mountain built as the state temple of Udayadityavarman II dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. It is the archetype of the Baphuon style.

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