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Australia’s First Buddhist-run Institution Blooms

Wollongong’s Nan Tien Temple has opened Australia’s first Buddhist-run tertiary institution with architecture that is as spiritual as its teachings.

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Buddhism in the Bible Belt

More than 488 million people world-wide practice Buddhism. In Birmingham practitioners make up only about six in 1,000, but many more people may find themselves wondering about this Eastern practice as the Dalai Lama heads to Birmingham Oct. 26. They’re in luck; you don’t have to become a Buddhist to benefit from the ancient teachings, says Tenzin Deshek.

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China embraces enlightenment

That is about to change as China seizes the opportunity to show the world how vigorous it has been in its bid to promote freedom of religion when it hosts the 27th general conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists between Oct 16 and 19.

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Buddhist conclave: Stage set to greet foreign delegates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kashi is gearing up to host foreign delegates taking part in the International Buddhist Conclave in Bodhgaya and Sarnath from September 26 to 28. After spending two days in Bodhgaya the delegates will be in Varanasi on September 28.

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Buddhist group finds a quiet place in Broome

The Binghamton Buddhist group meets at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at the First Congregational Church of Binghamton located at 30 Main Street.

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Xuan Zang’s alma mater in India reopens 800 years later

Nalanda University in Bihar, India, where Xuan Zang, an eminent Chinese Buddhist monk, studied Buddhism, reopens on Monday, about 800 years after it was razed.

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Indonesia tightens security at world’s largest Buddhist temple after ISIS threat

Indonesian police have been put on alert at the Borobudur Temple after a threat against the world’s biggest Buddhist temple and UNESCO World heritage Site was made on Facebook by Islamic State supporters.

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Buddhist monks cause outrage after ’accepting cash’ to bless businessman’s Porche

Expensive properties and material items are supposedly being made holy in exchange for money but monks insist they are doing nothing wrong.

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Priestly pair set out to boost ‘Buddhism 3.0′ across Japan

A pair of Zen priests have been causing a stir with their campaign to spread a new interpretation of Buddhism in Japan that combines practices from separate branches of the ancient religion.

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Buddhist monk comes to Bible Belt

The grandson of Baptist ministers, a student of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, and an ordained Buddhist monk, author and teacher Lama Marut is coming to the Bible Belt this week for three events in Nashville promoting his new book, “Be Nobody.

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