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Himalayan art, culture on display at Buddhist festival

Bengaluru, India — Eighth edition of the Buddhist festival organised by the Ministry of Culture kickstarted in the City on Tuesday with an array of cultural activities at the Jnana Jyothi auditorium on the Central College premises.

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Buddhist extremism in Thailand fits neatly into junta’s plans

The foundations of Thai society are built upon three institutional cornerstones: monarchy, nation and religion. So intertwined have they become that it is sometimes difficult to entirely separate them.

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Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar is misunderstood by the West

Western perceptions of Buddhism in Myanmar are still largely blinded by the shiny golden mirage of the pagodas, and the assumption that Buddhists must be peaceful, loving and good.

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‘Hoodie Monks’ use Hip Hop to share buddhist wisdom

Could the introduction of hip hop in a Buddhist temple signify a new revolution in the Buddhism religion? One priest has it all. An American Buddhist priest who lives in Japan, Kevin Seperic, popularly known as Gomyo, has made this possible through his movement ‘Hoodie Monks.’ The movement aims at incorporating hip hop into Buddhism to give a larger impact to the Buddhist wisdom a different generation might not have normally be interested in.

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Plum Village’s Sister Mai Nghiem pens open letter to French president

French nun Sister Mai Nghiem, of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village tradition, has composed “Dear President Hollande,” an open letter of to France’s president in response to Friday 13th terrorist attacks in Paris.

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Monk of Banned Buddhist Church Reaffirms Commitment to Democracy in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam — The head of a banned Buddhist church in Vietnam on Thursday expressed gratitude to the international community for advocating for his release from house arrest and reaffirmed his commitment to democracy activism in the one party communist nation.

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Cold Tibet quickly becoming warm, warns the Karmapa lama

The third most important Tibetan religious head, Karmapa Lama, warns about climate change effects in the tibetan plateau.

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The Jedi Way is the Dharma Way

On November 18, Matthew Bortolin will appear in a Star Wars discussion on Good Morning America, as part of a celebration for the show’s 40th anniversary. Bortolin — a student of Thich Nhat Hanh — will be discussing his book, The Dharma of Star Wars, in which he sorts through the films’ spiritual themes and applies Buddhist teachings to George Lucas’ epics.Bortolin writes, “In Star Wars, it is Luke Skywalker in the saga’s final chapter that best exemplifies wisdom and compassion. In Return of the Jedi Luke has developed these qualities of being better than any Jedi before him—even better than his Master Obi-Wan.” Read about Luke Skywalker’s practice of wisdom.

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Buddhist communities, figures respond to Paris attacks

After Friday evening’s horrifying terror attacks in Paris, which left more than 100 dead, many Buddhist teachers and communities took to the web and social media to share sympathies and prayers for the people of France and the world. A sampling of these follows.

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Pakistan’s Gandhara ruins to receive Korea’s Buddhists

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation and the Tourism Ministry will hold the International Celebrations on Gandhara Civilization and Buddha Heritage in March next year.

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