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Video - Art of Asia: Buddhism - The Art of Enlightenment

Having originated 2,500 years ago, the Buddha’s teachings have formed the core of the religion known as Buddhism. Over the centuries, Buddhism spread from India into all corners of Asia. As it spread, it transformed into a wide variety of beliefs and practices. The art forms it inspired are well represented in the museum’s collection. This teacher resource video was produced in 2006 in conjunction with the Art of Asia interactive media program at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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London to host Buddhist Arts Festival

London, UK — A Buddhist arts festival will be held in London to coincide with the opening of the first gallery for Buddhist sculpture in the UK. The Many Faces of Buddhism, a series of arts and cultural events drawing on Buddhist cultural traditions, will be presented by the Robert HN Ho Family Foundation, from April 25 to May 17.

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Buddhist statues as possible and meeting other people who share her interest

Maho, a 23-year-old graphic designer, said: "The look of the statues differs according to the time they were made. The more I know about those differences, the better I feel I can communicate with the statues."

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San Francisco, CA (USA) - The Sacred Arts of Bhutan at the Asian Art Museum

Americans tend to imagine Buddhist art exhibits as benign collections of familiar imagery (smiling Buddhas, colorful altars, maze-like mandalas) that convey tranquility and inspire quiet contemplation.

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Gandhara Exhibition in Germany

Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo arm of Emirates Airline, transported 5,000-year-old antiques to Bonn, Germany, for the `Gandhara Exhibition - The Buddhist Civilisation’ taking place on November 17.

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