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How to practice Zazen, by Gudo NISHIJIMA

When we practice Zazen, it is necessary for us to practice Zazen everyday without fail. If we practice Zazen, not everyday, but only several times as we like, such kind of flimsy practice might be useless almost at all.

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Chief Seattle - This Earth is sacred

Each piece of this earth is sacred to my people. Every pine needle, every handful of sand from beaches, like the darkness of the deep jungle, every ray of light and humming insect is holy in the memory and life of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the history of the red earth.

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Buddhist monk says U.S. can benefit from example of monastic communities, by Ellen Flynn

Today, i’m posting a blog post of Ellen Flynn who talks about the importance of buddhism in USA (...)

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Humour - Light Bulb Sûtra

I- Thus have I heard
On one occasion, the World Honoured One was staying in Rajagriha on the (...)

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Sit-a-Long with Jundo: Buddha-Basics — Speaking Right

The words passing our lips have power to be weapons or constructive tools, to help or hurt others, express care or disdain, make enemies or friends, start wars or bring peace.

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What can Buddhism teach Tiger Woods?

Woods says his redemption includes going back to his Buddhist roots

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To straddle spring

To straddle spring; seize an opportunity for rebirth with the germ that breaks the earth from hibernation.

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Violence - We are in the new millenium...

We are in the new millenium
He will be you a world of peace and of harmony
Instigating the planet ground
And all forms of existences:
Human, animal, mineral, vegetable…

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Muhammad Yunus : ’For me, the poor are like bonsais’

The poor are man-bonsais.
It n’ there nothing bad in their origins has. The company simply did not give them that which they would have needed to develop. To leave the poor poverty, should be created a favorable environment.

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Giving life, a opening to awaking

Shamans believe that only three characters condense themselves all forms of lives. The feminine, masculine; and androgynous: which is neither male nor female, but a mixture of both. But there is a fourth character that the shaman called Joska Soós: the Eternal Feminine, the birth of worlds

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