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Compassion doesn’t only come from within, by Brittany Curry

While hiking in the Himalayans, I was told by a Buddhist monk that everyone possessed some worth – past quantifying or qualifying – some value beyond judgement or fine-tuning and that included oneself.

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Meditation : Why Buddhists don’t get the blues

According to Buddhist philosophy, meditation is the answer to many human ills. If our minds are calm and free from fear we will know true health and happiness, it is claimed.

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The Journey is Everything

Montaigne believed the journey, in itself,
Was the idea. Yet from this moving plane
I look down on the dazzle of the world ...

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Is there room for the ’self’ in religion? — By Rev. Ray Innen Parchelo

Rev. Ray Innen Parchello is a novice Tendai priest and founder of the Red Maple Sangha, the first lay Buddhist community in Eastern Ontario. In the following article, he gives his views on the notion of the self in Buddhism.

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The future of Buddhism in the West, by Chong Go Sunim

Here’s a talk given by the Korean Seon Master, Hanam Sunim in 1935. It’s a wonderful talk for anyone interested in growth and sprititual practice, and is also very relevant to everyone interested in seeing Buddhism flourish in the West.

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Om Mani Peme Hung

This world needs compassion and wisdom !
The mantra of Compassion sung by Dechen Shak-Dagsay
Compassion and love are not mere luxuries.

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This is Your Karma

What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. The idea that one’s experiences are the fruition of what a person has done, and that what a person will experience tomorrow is the result of actions he or she takes today, is an ancient concept that spans culture.

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Mindfulness and Media - By Gary Gach

Have you read the news today? Why is it that all the amazing, wonderful, remarkable, miraculous, inspiring instances of good news occurring each day seem to get swept under the rug by major news media (or slipped in at the end)? Instead we’re served up a toxic stew of bad news, piping hot.

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Life After Death

We buddhists believe a living being ( layman ) is connected to a chain of lives. When we pass away from one life, we just stick to another life. There may or may not be a transition period which is bit controversial, but for a person who hasn’t attain nirvana ( "Nibbana" -The ultimate goal in buddhism ) will have new life after the current one.

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Is Buddhism A Religion Or A Philosophy?

Buddhism is defined in many ways by different people. While some call it a religion that seeks to preach particular dogmas that are essential for human beings, others call it a philosophy that seeks nothing more than driving humans towards the truth and the right form of existence.

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