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Glycine soya - The soybean ( U.S. ) or soya bean ( UK )

Il ne faut pas confondre le soja jaune avec le haricot mungo, uniquement cultivé pour ses pousses dénommées à tort « pousses de soja » puisque cette espèce n’a rien à voir avec le soja. De nombreux produits sont commercialisés sous cette appellation : soyons clair, il ne s’agit pas de soja !

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First Lady, Michelle Obama combat childhood obesity.

First Lady, Michelle Obama addresses the National Restaurant Association Board of Directors on childhood obesity

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Why to become vegetarian...

Doctors Link Washington’s Heart Disease Rates to High Concentration of Golden Arches, Other Fast-Food Outlets

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Divine memory of Wheat; Germinated Wheat Fresh

A mystical perception of the wheat spiritual nature that transcends it death and be reborn from its grain. A powerful symbol of life

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John Bullitt — Are Buddhists vegetarian?

The first of the five precepts concerns the intentional act of depriving a living being of life, but has nothing to do with consuming the flesh of an animal that is already dead.

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A guide to food for people with allergies

As demand for foods with no dairy, gluten and nuts has risen, so has their quality, says Norman Miller. So, how good are they? Allegra McEvedy tests the top brands

How has living with a food allergy affected you? And what do you think of free-from foods?

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Enlightened eating - By Joleen Oshiro

Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) — From monumental events to the most mundane of daily tasks, Buddhists believe that all life experiences are opportunities to work toward enlightenment.

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Hsi Lai Vegetarian Buffet: Chew With Purpose

Most people visiting Hsi Lai Temple, the 15-acre Hacienda Heights campus of Taiwan’s Fo Guang (...)

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Vegetarianism in Buddhism

A Vegetarianism is a difficult, but yet an important issue for Buddhists, especially for lay people, whom, unlike the monks, do have a choice on what they eat.

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Vietnam - Canned Foods make Life easier for Vegetarians

Pham Thi Hoa goes to a supermarket near her house every Sunday to pick up some canned foods besides vegetables for the week.

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